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Bargouzin valley
Olkhon island
This tour starts in Irkutsk, the nearest city to Baikal lake. Then we’ll visit Listvyanka village, located 67 km away from Irkutsk and the small village Bolshie Koty 18 km away from Listvyanka. We’ll  also explore the Olkhon island, the largest island of Baikal, land full of legends and holy places. Next, we’ll be crossing Baikal lake in its widest place on the way to the village Ust-Barguzin which is situated on the Buryat side of the lake.  We are going to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Barguzin valley, arriving to the city of Ulan-de, the capital of the republic of Buryatia.

Tour programme  

Day 1  Irkutsk


Arrival in the airport/ railway station of Irkutsk,  one of the oldest cities in Siberia. Meeting your English-speaking guide. Transfer to the hotel. Lunch. City tour. Visit to the the Historic Memorial Decembrists’ Museum. Dinner.


Day 2 Listvyanka


Morning transfer to Listvyanka village on the lake shore. On the way we are going to visit  the open air architecture museum Taltsy. Arrival to Listvyanka. Visit to the Baikal limnological museum. Exploring the village with its local port and fish market with souvenirs stores. Visit to the church of Saint Nicholas. Dinner.  Taking a chairlift to the Chersky Rock. Accommodation in a hotel.


Day 3  Bolshie Koty - Listvyanka


Boat trip to the village Bolshie Koty 18 km away from Listvyanka. Exploring the village. Lunch. Short trekking to Sennaya valley. Return to Listvyanka.  Overnight in a hotel.


Day 4  Olkhon island


Early morning departure to Olkhon island, the largest island on the lake.  On the way we are going to stop in Buryat village Ust -Orda with its ethnographical museum. Crossing the Maloe more strait.  Arriving to the Khuzhir village - the main village on the island.  Accommodation in a mini hotel.  Walking through the village till the famous Shamanka rock. Dinner.



Day 5 Olkhon island


Morning excursion at the northern end of Olkhon island. On the way we are going to make several stops in the most picturesque places. The final point of the excursion - the cape Khoboy. Return to the village in the evening . Some free time before dinner.


Day 6 Ust-Barguzin


Boat trip crossing the lake in its widest placee and passing by the picturesque ridge of the Svyatoi Nos ( Holy Nose) peninsula. Arriving to the village Ust-Barguzin in the republic of Buryatia. Accommodation in a guest-house. Exploring the surroundings. Russian sauna (banya). Dinner.



Day 7 Ust-Barguzin valley


The whole day trip to the Ust-Barguzin valley. Return to the village in the evening.


Day 8 Ust-Barguzin - Ulan-Ude


Departure to Ulan-Ude, the capital of the republic of Buryatia by car/minibus. Lunch on the way. Arriving to the city. Accommodation in a hotel. City tour with the Opera house and the Arbat street.


Day 9 Ulan-Ude - Irkutsk


Visiting the buddhist temple Ivolginsky - the biggest buddhist centre in Russia. Going to the village of old believers where they can tell you about their customs and will serve a traditional lunch for you. Return to Ulan- Ude in the evening. Overnight on board of the train on the way to Irkutsk.


Day 10  Departure from Irkutsk

June - August
Lystvyanka village
Bolshie Koty village 
Olkhon island
Barguzin valley
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