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Circumbaikal railway
Sandy Bay
Olkhon island


This tour begins in Irkutsk, the nearest city to Baikal lake.  Journey on board of the train on the former Trans-Siberian line passing by the lake side till the Listvyanka village, situated 67 km away from Irkutsk. You will also visit one of the prettiest and furthest places on the lake - Peschannaya (Sandy) bay. Finally you’ll explore the Olkhon island, the largest island of Baikal land full of legends and holy places.

Tour programme 

Day 1 Irkutsk


Arrival in the airport/ railway station of Irkutsk,  one of the oldest cities in Siberia. Meeting your English-speaking guide. Transfer to the hotel. Lunch. City tour. Visit to the local market.


Day 2 Circum Baikal - Listvyanka


Transfer to the railway station where we’ll board the Circumbaikal train and travel on the old Trans-Siberian line which goes along the lake shore. Spend the day on board of the train enjoying the trip and the view. In the evening we arrive to the port Baikal and take a ferry to Listvyanka village. Accommodation in a hotel.


Day 3 Listvyanka


Exploring the village with its local port, fish market and the souvenir stores. Visiting the church of Saint Nicholas. Excursion in the Baikal limnological museum.  Taking the chairlift to the Cherskiy Rock. Visiting the Nerpinarium, where you will have the chance to see the unique Baikal seals (nerpa). Return to the hotel. Relaxing evening in the russian sauna (banya).


Day 4 Peschannaya bay - Listvyanka


We’ll spend the day exploring the most beautiful place on the lake - Peschannaya (Sandy) bay. In the morning we’ll start our trip on board of the fast boat navigating along the west coast of the lake.  Walking in the bay before lunch. In the evening return to Listvyanka.


Day 5 Taltsy - Irkutsk


Morning departure to the Talsty Museum of Wooden Architecture where you can get to know history of natives’ peoples of Siberia. On the way back to Irkutsk we’ll enjoy a traditional lunch in the house of local Russian family.  Arrival to Irkutsk. Excursion in the Historic Memorial Decembrists’ Museum. Accommodation in a hotel.


Day 6  Maloe more


Morning departure in direction towards Olkhon island. On the way we’ll visit the Buryat village Ust-Orda and its ethnographic museum. Our next stop will be Datsan ( Buddhist temple). Crossing the Maloe more strait. Accommodation in a hotel. Dinner.


Day 7 Ogoy island - Maloe more


Boat trip to Ogoy island - one of the 24 islands on the lake, the largest island on the Maloe more strait with its main place of interest - the Buddhist stupa. Picnic. Return to Olkhon island in the afternoon.


Day 8 Olkhon island


Ferry trip crossing the strait towards the Olkhon island, the largest island of Baikal.  Exploring the southern part of Olkhon. Arriving to Khuzhir, the «capital» of the island. Accommodation in a mini hotel. Walking in the village to see the famous Shamanka rock.  Dinner.


Day 9 Olkhon island


Morning excursion at the northern end of Olkhon island. On the way we are going to make several stops in the most picturesque places. The final point of the excursion - the cape Khoboy. Return to the village in the evening . Some free time before dinner.


Day 10 Olkhon island - Irkutsk


Free time in the morning. Departure to Irkutsk. Accommodation in a hotel. Farewell dinner.


Day 11 Departure


Transfer to the airport/ railway station.

June - August 
Olkhon island
Ogoy island
Circumbaikal railway 
Sandy Bay
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